Solar lolas from Aeta land raring to teach green tech

Solar lolas from Aeta land raring to teach green tech

CLARK FREEPORT—They are Aetas, they are women and they are elderly. But despite being minorities three times over, Evelyn Clemente, Sharon Flores, Cita Diaz and Magda Salvador now play a big role in a green technology that brings light to people’s homes. The four Aeta grandmothers, who are known as the “Solar Lolas,” joined officials […]

MVP: Ang Pusong Minero ay Pusong Pinoy

Speech delivered at the 61st Annual National Mine Safety and Environment Conference, 14 November 2014, Baguio City By Manuel V. Pangilinan, Chairman, Philex Mining PMSEA PRESIDENT LOUIE SARMIENTO; PSEM CHAIRMAN FELIZARDO GACAD; MGB DIRECTOR LEO JASARENO; AMBASSADOR DELIA ALBERT; PMSEA DIRECTORS AND BOARD OF JUDGES; MGA KAPATID NA MINERO – MAGANDANG GABI PO SA INYONG […]

Seven IP women train in India to become solar-power engineers

  SEVEN indigenous mothers who have never attended formal education flew last week to India to train for six months on solar-power engineering in a school run by a non-governmental organization. The seven women came from tribal communities in Central and Northern Luzon that remain powerless to this day. Their course will run from September […]

The Barefoot College of India and solar ‘lolas’ among the Aytas

Rural women and so-called indigenous peoples (IP) groups in the Philippines are targeted for training as women of power and position under a project by different non-governmental organizations (NGOs) seeking even grandmothers that they can turn into solar engineers. The program is called the Tanging Tanglaw project, which is a joint effort between the Land […]

Aeta lolas to install solar-powered lamps in villages

Dubbed ‘solar lolas,’ 4 Aeta grandmothers are back from India equipped with skills on installing solar-powered lanterns SOLAR LOLAS.’ (From left to right) Evelyn Clemente, Magda Salvador, Cita Diaz and Sharon Flores are back from India to share their knowledge on using the sun to power lanterns. Photo by Pia Ranada/Rappler MANILA, Philippines – Fifty-year-old […]

4 Filipino ‘solar grandmas’ trained in India return

MANILA: Four elderly women belonging to an ethnic group in Luzon have returned from India where they underwent a rigid six month training in “solar engineering” so they could make, install, repair and maintain solar equipment to bring light and other conveniences to their communities. They are Evelyn Clemente, Sharon Flores, Cita Diaz and Magda […]

4 Aeta women go to India, back as solar engineers

4 Aeta women go to India, back as solar engineers Six months flitted like a dream for four Aeta grandmothers who traveled 4,800 kilometers to undergo free training in India and are now officially solar engineers. Wearing shades and cheerfully recalling their experience at Barefoot College in Rajasthan, India, the four were a far cry […]

These 4 Aeta grandmoms are now solar engineers

Four Aeta grandmas return as solar engineers MANILA, Philippines – In September last year, four Aeta grandmothers from Zambales and Tarlac left their communities to become the Philippines’ first batch of trainees at an alternative school in India. Evelyn Clemente, Sharon Flores, Cita Diaz, and Magda Salvador – now aptly called the “Solar Lolas”– are […]

‘Solar Lolas’ need P2.6M funding

Four Aeta grandmothers can fabricate, install, repair and maintain solar lighting equipment, but they need P2.6 million to illuminate the two communities where they come from using clean energy from the sun. The new goal for the four women, who trained in India and became “solar engineers,” is to raise money to replicate solar technology […]