Tanging Tanglaw:
Turning IP Grandmothers into Solar Engineers


Tanging Tanglaw?

What is

Tanging Tanglaw is a project of collaboration among Diwata-Women in Resource Development, Inc. (DIWATA), the Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA) and the Land Rover Club of the Philippines (LRCP) (collectively, the "Project Partners").

• Aims to empower indigenous people (IP) women, particularly grondmothers (i.e., mature women who are no longer the primary caregivers of their families) by teaching them how to harness solar power to light up their communities.

• 6-month training course at the Barefoot College in Tilonia, India on solar engineering, specifically, fabricating, installing, repairing and maintaining solar lighting equipment. Women, rather than men, are specifically chosen.

• Pilot group of four Aeta women (L-R): Evelyn Clemente, Sharon Flores, Cita Diaz and Magda Salvador (aka the "SOLAR LOLAS"). Evelyn and sharon are from Gala, Zambales, while Cita and Magda are from Bamban, Tarlac. 

Their return on 16 March 2015 has generated much interest from the media and the general public. Qualitative improvements in the communities' standard of living are expected:

• Able to use electrical appliances and gadgets, enabling them to become more productive 
• Children can study at night, learn to use computers and access the internet (e-learning)

• Import 200 sets of solar equipment from the Barefoot College in India

which arrived at the Port of Subic in March 2016 and were finally released by the Bureau of Customs in May 2016; and

• Construct Rural Electronic Workshops (REW) at our two pilot communities: Bamban, Tarlac and Gala, Zambales.

Our solar lolas will assemble, repair and maintain the solar panels at these REW, as well as lead community activities, including possible livelihood projects there. 

The Bases Conversion and Development Authority and Clark Development Corporation are providing a training facility and storage room at the Clarck Polytechnic College. FWD Insurance has provided financial support and will conduct financial literacy classes.

The first installation of solar panels at Bamban, Tarlac took place on 16 July 2016, while the first installation of solar panels at Gala, Zambales took place on 13 August 2016.

The Project Partners are now raising the amount of


(approx. PhP2.6M)

100 households

for each community of 

How can you help?

When you support Tanging Tanglaw you don't only light up  houses you actually transform lives.



1 Rural Electrification

1 household