Who We Are
DIWATA is a non-government organization advocating the responsible development of the Philippines’ wealth in resources, principally, extractive industries such as mining, oil and gas, quarrying, and other mineral resources from the earth for processing. It provides a platform for the promotion of responsible development of the Philippines’ resources and promotion of initiatives, to protect the land and its communities, particularly our indigenous people – their livelihood, health, education, and culture.

Mission Statement

We are Diwata:
1. We are proud of the natural wealth of the Philippines.
2. We protect and safeguard the rights of indigenous people, women and communities.
3. We advocate the responsible development and use of the country’s natural resources.
4. We serve as a positive platform for dialogue and understanding by bringing together and promoting meaningful connections among stakeholders.


D – Diplomacy
I – Integrity
W – Wisdom
A – Allegiance
T – Teamwork
A – Accountability